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To financially support the work of St. John, gifts may be made online or by mail.  


General Giving

 Financial gifts to St. John are used in the way that best enables the church to be a living witness to the love of God as shown in Jesus Christ. Gifts given to the General Operating fund will be divided among the different ministries of the church. 


Missional Giving

In addition to our general offering, St. John collects funds that will be dedicated to go directly to our mission emphasis of the quarter. 

Our Mission Emphasis for the second quarter of 2024 (April, May, June) is Quality EMS.


Giving of Time and Talents

Our giving comes in many forms. Sometimes it's not a gift of money that you can offer to the church. Sometimes you have time or talents that you can donate to the church. Contact the office to find out how your time and your talents might be a gift to St. John.

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